Superficial Radiotherapy: No Cutting, Scarring or Down Time

  Dr. Jason Green knows a lot about skin cancer, as both a doctor and a patient. “I have been a dermatologist since 2002, and I had my first skin cancer removed in 2005.” Dr. Green grew up in South Florida, and, like many of us, spent a lot of time outdoors. His skin was [read more…]

What’s a SkinPen® and What’s it For?

When it comes to treatments that help maintain a youthful and radiant complexion, there are a lot of options. But the important thing to keep in mind when doing your research is to make sure you choose a doctor who understands your skincare needs and goals. As a dermatologist in Deerfield Beach, Dr. Green is [read more…]

Microneedling and PRP

The passing of time brings with it many joyful moments — like the birth of a child or the start of a long-awaited vacation — but unfortunately, it also brings along signs of aging. For many, fighting those signs is an ongoing process, but don’t worry — Green Dermatology & Cosmetic Center is here to [read more…]

The Best Candidate for Hair Growth Treatments

While losing hair in other places on your body may not be as concerning, losing hair on your head definitely is for most people. The good news is that thanks to several advances in technology and in our field of dermatology, there are several treatments and procedures available to our patients at Green Dermatology & [read more…]

The Evolution of Hair Growth Treatments

70 million. That’s the number of Americans who suffer from hair loss. 20 million. That’s how many are women. Those are both significant numbers. However, the good news is that just like there have been great advances in medicine over the years, there has also been a considerable evolution in the dermatology field, especially when [read more…]

Hair Growth Tips

You can’t turn the TV on without seeing a commercial for some sort of hair removal treatment, cream or procedure. Eliminating hair all over our bodies is very on trend nowadays. However, if you’re living with hair loss due to an illness, like alopecia, or experiencing male or female pattern hair loss and desperately want [read more…]

The Reason You’re Losing Your Hair and How To Get It Back

Experiencing hair loss can be traumatic, especially when the loss begins almost out of nowhere and you are not prepared. Although men are most likely to lose their hair and are most commonly associated with hair loss, it is not specific to them — women can, and do, lose their hair as well. And with [read more…]

Beauty On The Go

When you live life on-the-go, common to most people these days, time is precious. It’s invaluable, and it’s well-worth spending on things that matter most to us — like skincare. Luckily, there are plenty of on-the-go skincare treatments that are perfect for those who have busy schedules, but still want to fit in the best skincare [read more…]

Introducing the Sunetics Hair Regrowth Laser

Sunetics Hair Regrowth Laser

Not everyone is looking to remove the hair on their bodies — some are more interested in growing it. For that, we have just the thing. Green Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, a Deerfield Beach dermatology office, is now offering an innovative laser technology that serves as a painless, no-surgery-needed alternative to hair transplants. Sunetics hair [read more…]

Best New Acne treatment in 2019: Seysara

Is acne a major concern for you or your children? This skin condition not only burdens children during their teen years, but it is often seen in adulthood too. Whether caused by stress or changes in the body, acne is a troubling skin disorder that Dr. Jason Green, a Deerfield Beach dermatologist, sees patients for [read more…]